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Health & Safety Policy

Langshott Ladybirds Nursery is a committee run, non-profit making, sessional nursery situated in a self-contained outside classroom within the grounds of Langshott Primary School.

Our admission policy is inclusive: we welcome children from all backgrounds, cultures, religions and also those with additional needs.

The nursery manager or in the absence of the nursery manger the assistant nursery manager is responsible for health and safety of children and adults at nursery.

A fully equipped first aid box and eye station is kept on the premises in a locked cupboard, out of the reach of children.

A minimum of two members of staff with first aid training are in attendance at all times (all nursery staff are trained first aiders). All staff will be required to attend training courses in relation to health and safety.

The qualified first aiders are responsible for ensuring that the contents of the first aid box are kept fully supplied and in date. The nursery manager has responsibility for ordering of equipment and overseeing.

In the case of an accident or incident, a written, confidential record is kept in the accident/incident record book. A copy of the record will be given to the parent concerned.

A written confidential record is kept of all changes of clothes with reason for change and a copy of the record given to the parent concerned.

The nursery mobile phone is on the premises at all times should an emergency occur, all staff are aware of the emergency procedure as follows…

Procedure for an injured or sick child

  • Qualified first aider to stay with or attend to the injured/sick child.

In the case of a serious incident or accident

  • One person to telephone for an ambulance and then to contact the child’s parent/carer.
  • One person to take responsibility for the care of the other children(maintaining staff/child ratios where possible).
  • First aider to accompany child to the hospital in the ambulance, parents should follow if they have not arrived before the ambulance leaves nursery.
  • A consent to medical treatment form and the child’s records from the children’s file drawer will be taken to the hospital with the child.
  • If parent/carer cannot be contacted the police will be asked to trace them.
  • Following serious injury or incident to an adult or child at Ladybirds nursery the nursery manager will follow the procedure required by the health and safety executive (RIDDOR )
  • Following any incident or accident in nursery, a full record of the accident or incident will be reported in our accident and incident book, the parent will be asked to read and sign and will be given a copy of the record. The records  remains confidential.
  • Should a child come into nursery with an existing injury, the details will be recorded within the accident and incident book and the parent asked to sign. The parent will be given a copy of the record.

Ladybirds nursery must notify ofsted of any serious accident, illness or injury to, or death of, any child whilst in their care, and of the action taken.

Notification must be made as soon as is reasonable practical, but in any event within 14 days of the incident occurring.

Ladybirds nursery must notify the local child protection agency of any serious accident or injury to, or the death of, any child whilst in their care and must act on the advice given by the agency.

Infectious Diseases

  • Children suffering from an infectious illness should not attend. (A list of exclusions and notifiable diseases can be found displayed on the wall in the office )
  • Following sickness or upset stomach the child should not attend for a period of forty eight hours from last symptom.
  • Parents/carers should notify nursery by phone, of reason for absence each day their child will not be attending or give a date of return.
  • If no call is received to give reason for absence, a member of staff will contact parents on each day of absence by phone call, text or email to establish reason for absence. No names will be used on the messages left for parents. (the message should read: please inform nursery of reason for absence).Please see the Safeguarding policy for information on absence of a child who is the subject of a social services care plan or thought to be at risk of harm.
  • Tissues and wipes are provided. Children are encouraged to throw their used tissues in the closed top bin and to wash their hands afterwards. Adults wash their hands after assisting a child with personal hygiene or after attending to their own personal hygiene.
  • If Ladybirds staff believe that any child is suffering from a notifiable disease the manager will inform Ofsted and follow advice from the Health Protection Agency

Please refer to the payment and notice policy for further information on absence

Please refer to the pandemic policy for further information on the prevention of infectious diseases in nursery.

Safety in the Nursery

The nursery building is rented from the Langshott Primary School.  The school is responsible for the upkeep of the main building.  The rental agreement may be viewed on application to the nursery manager.  A premises check is carried out monthly and reported to the school. A premises risk assessment is carried out annually.

  • Daily written risk assessments on equipment, outside area and indoor area, are carried out before and after each session. Broken or faulty equipment will be reported to the nursery manager who will decide if it needs to be destroyed.
  • Building risk assessments, indoor and outdoor are carried out annually by our landlord and the nursery manager.
  • Written risk assessments are carried out on new equipment or activities.
  • Existing risk assessments are stored for reference and review where required.
  • Daily activities are risk assessed formally and informally.. Staff are vigilant and risk assess throughout the session to promote the safety of children and adults.
  • Staff raise awareness of the need to keep ourselves safe through activities, positive role modelling and talking with the children.
  • We have a safety in the sun policy.
  • Emergency exits are clearly labelled and unobstructed at all times.
  • Equipment is stored safely.
  • The attendance register is completed at each end of the session for children and adults. Visitors are asked to sign in and out of  our visitors book
  • At the end of the day all switches and sockets are turned off, with the exception of the fridge. The lights are switched off and external doors secure and locked.  The gate is padlocked overnight.
  • In order to reduce the risk to children, no hot drinks will be permitted within the main room, cloakroom or outside learning environment of the nursery whilst children are on the premises. A separate area is designated for this purpose.
  • Bags that children bring with them to nursery must only contain a change of clothes or nappy changing kit. Plastic nappy sacks should not be included.  Any medication, drinks, food, toys or other personal items must not be included and should be taken away with the parent.  If any of these items are inadvertently left in a child’s bag they will be removed and placed in a locked cupboard for safety. A safe place can be provided should parent/carers need to leave personal items. (medication or dangerous items may not be stored at nursery)
  • The main door to nursery is fitted with an alarm which sounds when the door is opened. The alarm is armed throughout each session.
  • The main gate to the nursery is locked during the session.
  • Parents and visitors to nursery are asked to wait at the main gate until their identification is verified and the gate unlocked by a member of staff.
  • Visitors are asked to make an appointment to view the nursery or to see the nursery manager or staff. All visitors will be required to give contact details, full name and address prior to visiting.
  • Identification of visitors is verified and a record kept of their visit.
  • Parent/carers are asked to wait in the playground until invited in to collect their child, a one way system operates and staff are positioned at each door to ensure the safety of the children during the drop off and collection times.
  • Notices are displayed to remind parents and children to hold hands and to stay safe.
  • Written consent must be given if a person other than the child’s main carer is to collect the child from nursery. A password system may be set up between nursery and parent.  The person collecting a child must be aged 18 or over.

Please see the policy on late collection or non collection of a child.


Full risk assessments will be carried out for specific outings offsite. These will include adult child ratios, insurance, staff duties, parent help, activity, transport, food and drink, health and safety. Please see the Outings policy within this file for further information


  • The premises will be cleaned and maintained by members of staff at the end of each session.
  • The toilets and basins will be checked for cleanliness regularly throughout each session. A record of times checked is displayed in the cloakroom.
  • Children will be educated in personal hygiene and be expected to flush the toilet and wash their hands with soap and water afterwards, using a fresh paper towel or the pull down towel from the rail to dry them. They will be encouraged to leave the toilet and basin in good order for the next person to use.
  • Children who need to use a potty/trainer seat should have their own named potty/trainer seat provided by parents.
  • Children and adults will wash their hands after playing outside and at regular internals throughout the session.
  • Equipment will be cleaned regularly using disinfectant. Staff are responsible for ensuring an effective rota.

Food and Drink

  • Staff are trained in handling and preparing food. All staff handling food and drink attend an approved training course.
  • Ladybirds does not serve meals or store food on the premises. There is not a requirement for Ladybirds to register with Environmental Health.
  • Children and adults will wash their hands prior to handling or eating food and drink.
  • Healthy snacks are served at Ladybirds, parents are asked to donate fresh fruit or vegetables for sharing at our snack time. Fruit and vegetables are washed prior to eating
  • Fruit and vegetables are served in manageable sizes, this enables children to take a bite (preventing serving pieces considered to be bite size that may be a choking hazard).
  • Incidents of food poisoning affecting two or more children looked after at Ladybirds will be notified to Ofsted.
  • Ladybirds provides free milk or water at snack time. Parents may inform us of their choice of either.
  • Fresh drinking water is always available.

Administration of Medicines and Health Care Plans

  • Unprescribed medication will never be administered, medicine must be prescribed for the child by a doctor, dentist, nurse or pharmacist
  • No medicine will be administered to children without parental consent
  • No medication will be stored on the nursery site overnight.
  • No medication will be stored without an active and up to date health care plan.

Where a child has allergies or a medical condition or disability requiring medication, a Health Care Plan must be completed by the parent/carer with the Nursery Manager or SENCO .

Copies of this plan will be circulated amongst nursery staff to ensure all team members are fully informed of the requirements of the plan and a copy stored with the child’s medication sheet

Details of the health care plan for individual children will be forwarded to the company providing insurance to Langshott Ladybirds Nursery as part of the requirements of the policy.  The child may attend the nursery after confirmation from the insurers that the nursery insurance is not affected.

  • Prescribed medicines will be stored in a locked cupboard and must be in the original packaging, clearly marked with the prescribed dosage and name of child.
  • Prescribed medication is only administered if it is not possible for the parent to administer it prior to the child attending nursery and only when the child has a complete, up to date, Health Care Plan.
  • Parents should inform nursery if their child has received any medication prior to attending a session.
  • For children who have an ongoing or serious condition the following applies.

Only prescribed medication can be given to children by nursery staff.  Parents should provide daily written permission and instructions on administration of medicine.  Parents must notify the nursery of the time the most recent dose was administered. Medication must be clearly marked with the pharmacist sticker, showing the child’s name and the correct dosage on the container.

  • Where it becomes necessary to administer medication to a child, a record will be kept of the name of medication, person administering, date, time and the response of the child. (a sheet for this purpose is attached to the medicine record and care plan)
  • The child will be monitored continuously until professional help arrives or the parent collects the child (this is dependent on the agreement in the health care plan)
  • All incidents further to the general running of the nursery must always be noted in our accident and incident book. (These include conversations or advice from parents over the phone, administration of medicines, concerns about the child, this list is not exhaustive) The parent will be asked to read and sign the slip in acknowledgement that the nursery has informed them of an incident. The parent will be given the top copy.
  • In some cases special training will be required by nursery staff, this should be delivered by a qualified nurse or health worker and updated accordingly.
  • Parents must notify the nursery of allergies that their child suffers from with instructions for dealing with any reactions which may occur in relation to the allergy. The child will require a Health Care Plan.


  • The wearing of jewellery, watches or bodily adornments is not permitted at Ladybirds.
  • Jewellery found on a child should be removed and kept in a safe place, the item should be returned to the parent at the end of the session.
  • All items of jewellery remain the responsibility of the parent.
  • Parents desiring children to wear items of jewellery or bodily adornments required in relation to a faith or culture will be asked to arrange for these to have a safety clasp fitted. The nursery manager will work closely with parents to establish a mutually acceptable solution and must always ensure that the safety of the child and other children within Ladybirds nursery is paramount at all times.

Smoking, Drugs, Alcohol

  • In the interest to children’s health and to reduce the risk of fire the Langshott/Oakwood site is a designated NO SMOKING area. Adults who do smoke will be asked to extinguish their cigarette.
  • In order to ensure that adults are good role models for children at nursery, the use of e-cigarettes is not allowed on the nursery site.
  • Staff working directly with children may not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance which may affect their ability to work with and care for children. Staff taking medication must produce confirmation  that this is unlikely to impair on that staff member’s ability to look after children.  Life-saving medication belonging to staff may only be stored on the premises on a daily basis in our locked first aid cupboard.  All other medication must be stored off premises or left at home.


In order to maintain a clean and safe environment, dogs are not allowed on the school site. To further reduce risk, dogs must not be tethered on the site boundaries.

A Surrey County Council bylaw restricts dogs from being brought onto the school site.

Nappy Changing

  • Parents of children who wear nappies should provide a full changing kit
  • A small quantity of disposable nappies and wipes will be kept on site for emergency use.
  • The children are changed on a purpose made changing mat on the floor.
  • The mat is wiped or sprayed with disinfectant before and after each change.
  • Adults wear protective gloves and disposable plastic aprons when dealing with wet and soiled children, and wash their hands after attending to a child.
  • Children will wash their hands after they have been changed.
  • Wet nappies are wrapped and disposed of in the nappy bin which is stored outside the main door.
  • Soiled nappies must be triple wrapped and placed in the nappy bin which is stored outside the main door.
  • The nappy bin is emptied daily and cleaned with disinfectant. The contents wrapped in a black sack and disposed of in the large bin.*
  • Soiled or wet clothing should be double wrapped, and placed in the child’s bag . The bag will be safely stored on top of the cupboard for return to the parent/carer at the end of the session.
  • Nappy changes are recorded in the confidential changing record book giving reason for change and named staff member who changed the child. Parent/carers concerned are given a copy of the record.

Staff at Ladybirds are kept up to date with current legislation with regard to health and safety practices.  Staff attend specific training where required.

*There is no requirement, as of legislation in 2005, to dispose of nappies in purpose made bins or bags as they are not considered to be hazardous waste by the Environment Agency.

This policy was written using support information from the surrey cc website and the health and safety at work act and our EYCS advisor.

This policy was updated June 2017

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